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IEPERBAND nv manufactures woven band for safety belts in cars. This includes weaving, dyeing, setting, winding-up, checking and cutting to size.

The various types of bands are homologated by the Tier 1 customers and the car manufacturer, this means that the woven band is only produced after a formal approval of a particular reference sample. The base material is high tenacity polyester yarn.

The European safety belt market is characterised by its transparency and oligopolic features. The number of yarn suppliers, weaving mills manufacturing safety belts and system manufacturers is therefore rather limited. The pressure of Asian yarn suppliers increases. To maintain its competitive position the Berger Group works with Asian yarn suppliers

The overall annual use in the European car industry is a known and easy to observe item of information. The proportional market share of the various woven band manufactures is therefore rather easy to determine.

Cheap raw materials, labour costs control, flexibility and quality are becoming more and more the basic elements defining the power of the company.

Higher quality demands and the ever increasing price pressure forces us to constantly optimise our processes, and to manufacture in a more productive and cheaper manner.